Bavana’s Pride Hexia

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Born 2012-01-19
Weight: 46 kg
Height: 62 cm.
Colour: Brown
Pedegree SABT: [2012200777004]
SABT: 80.4%
D locus: d/D


HD: [A]
X-Rays: [Hips]
ED: [0]
X-Ray: [Right 1] [Right 2] [Left 1] [Left 2]
PennHip: [coming]
Hyperplasi: [0]
Ectropion/Entropion: [0]
Eyes: [coming]
Patella: [coming]
Teath: Complete scissorsbite

Boerboel International Genetical Screening [BIGS) [Genotype] [DNA Parenting].

About Hexia:

Plus: Very calm, cuddly and social. Good guarding instincts and good with other dogs.


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