Bavana’s Pride Kasper


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Born: 2013/02/05
Weight: 62 kg.
Height: 70 cm
Colour: Fawn-Buckskin
Pedegree SABT: [2013007770002]
Pedegree BI: [201300373]
D locus: d/D

BI TPI: 90.50%, Health 100%, Character 97%

Kasper was nr 2 at the BI Appraisal in Sweden 2014 and nr 3 in Bremen 2015.


HD: [A] [Patientdossier PDF]
X-Ray: [Hips]
ED: [0]
X-Ray: [Right] [Left]
PennHip: [0,20/0,28]
X-Ray: [Picture 1) [Picture 2] [Picture 3]
DJD: [No signs]
EN/EC: [0]
Testicles: [Normal]
Heart ultrasound: [normal]
Patella: [0]
Teeth: Complete, slight undershot (5 mm)
Psychomotoric epilepsy: [Free]
Boerboel International Genetical Screening: 100% Healthy [BIGS 1] [BIGS 2] [BIGS 3] [DNA Certificate] [Genotype Certificate]

About Kasper:

Kasper is a very soft, cuddly, calm and mentally stable male with a very fine exterior. He is intrestted in tracking and follows tracks methodically and confident. He is strong, muscular and a real working dog. Kasper gets along nicely with every other dog in our pack. Kasper has one of the best heads seen in a long time we have heard from judges at the appraisals he has attended.

When mating, Kasper is a gentle lover, courting and charming the female prior mating. He usually finds his way quickly and is being very patient during hanging. He leaves the female alone (a little while) if she should not be ready yet. Kasper is father of two very fine litters with two of our females.


When Kasper walks his topline moves a little at his hind quarter. He has also a small underbite (5 mm).