Before and after training

The training session starts already some time before you head out on the field on into the woods and doesn’t end just because you leave the field. Depending on the type and amount of training we recommend differend types of dietary supplements in order to facilitate recovery, the ability to concentrate, performance and to lubricate the joints. Below we will give you some tips about differend types of dietary supplements which we use ourselfs. A physical training session should always end with massaging and streching your dog, as decribed on the bottom of the page.

Glukosamin and MSM

Glukosamin is a substance naturally found in meat. It is given to working horses and dogs and even hard training people will use glukosamin as a dietary supplement. Glukosamin lubricates and therefore ensures a good function of the joints. It helps the body to renew bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Not only during monotone training or work but even when a dog gets older one should add glukosamin to the dog’s diet. We also recommend to add glukosamin to the diet of pups older that 8 weeks and as long as they are growing, preferably during their entire life. However, keep in mind that there is no research done testing the effects of glukosamin on puppies and young dogs. This is how we feed our dogs, you may hear otherwise from other breeders and dogowners.  Preferably, one uses a combination of glukosamin and MSM due to the positive effects of MSM on the immune systhem. Furthermore, when given together glukosamin and MSM enhance and reinforce each others effects. Note that MSM has a large variaty of positive effects, which are more or less researched. Due to the extend of the effects we cannot list them all. If you are intrested, the list is easily found online or on your training supplier’s web sites. Please inform yourself about how to dose glukosmain and MSM and keep in mind that you will have to slow start the dosage of MSM! Both dietary supplements are given directly with the dog food once a day. We do not feed pregnant or lactating females with eather supplement and it is not recommended to do so eather.

MME – essential amino acids

MME are special amino acids that build muscles and burn fat at the same time as this dietary supplement contains lecithin. This is a very important dietary supplement, since it speeds up recovery after work out and one doesn’t risk to break down the musckes when training hard or during long times. MME is gives 30 minutes Before work out and directly (!) afterwards. Blend MME with some soft butter, that makes it easy to feed it to the dog.


Maltodextrin is given together with MME before and after work out, or as only supplement if training menatlly (tracking, obedience, etc). This dietary supplement recharges the energy depots, gives energy, increases the ability to concentrate and sharpens the senses. Maltodextrin is a kind of shugar which is released slower to the body as regular shugar. Maltodextrin also recharges glycogen in the muscles, which the muscles need in order to work properly. During long training maltodextrin should be given every secon hour.

Omega 3

Omega 3, or fish oil, is available boths as capsules or as liquid and is given once a day with the dog food. Omega 3 has many positive effects and you should give this to your dog from the day he arrives through out his entire life. Not only will your dog get a nicer coat, but Omega 3 is e.g. also good for your dog’s joints and muscles, the development of the nervous systhem, has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate and contains importand fatty acids.

Massage and Streching

Besides dietary supplements, massage and streching is very importand after work out. No more than 30 minutes should pass between finishing a training session and massaging your dog. Before you start massaging, your dog must get it’s dietary supplements. After that you can start giving your dog a massage and finish of with some streching exercises. First when this is finished your dog may eat. Remember not to feed your dog directly before work outs! It is important that somebody who knows how to massage and strech properly shows you how to do it. Sometimes your local dog trainer or dog club have classes where massaging and streching your dog is taught. It is an advantage to already accustom your dog to getting a massage when he is still a Little pup by giving him short massage sessions. This is very relaxing, reinforced the bond between you and the dog and increases his trust in you. Never be careless about streching after work out, since this otherwise will increase the risk for the dog hurting itself during work out. If you do not strech at all even if training on a regular basis, your dog will become more and more stiff, increasing the risk for the dog of getting muscle-, joint- and ligament injuries.