It’s not just we who can set different demands on our puppy buyers. Even you as a puppy buyer has the right to set a variety of demands on us as a breeder and your puppy. It is thought that your puppy will follow you for many years as part of the family, as traning or hunting buddy, or perhaps even as coworker. A physical and mental healthy dog that is capable of the tasks you set is the absolute minimum you should be able to expect. Below we describe what we as breeders will guarantee you as you decide on a puppy from us.

During the time the pups grow up with us, we make sure that they get as many positive impressions as possible. When reaching the age of 8 weeks, they will then be handled by different adults and children. They will have spent time with with other dogs, with cats and small animals. The puppies grow up inside the house, but may be outdoors as much as the weather permits. Through our puppy playground, puppies have been acquainted with different surfaces (grass, gravel, wood floors, floor tiles, turf, water, etc.), tunnels and obstacles of various kinds which are moved around every day to stimulate your puppy’s intelligence and ability to adapt. Small excursions will prepare puppies to stay in foreign places and to travel by car. Between ages 3 days to 16 days, your puppy to follow the U.S. military’s [“Bio Sensor“] program (aka Super Dog Program) developed by their service dog unit.

As the pup moves in with you, it’s chipped, vaccinated, dewormed, vet inspected, it has received a passport and is registered with a Boerboel association. With the puppy is a binder with all papers and information material as well as a blanket that smells of mom and siblings.

Throughout the dog’s life you get support from us. If you have questions or problems, we get more than happy if you come to us so that we can help you. If you fall ill, you have to travel away or anything else happens in your life that makes you unable to have the dog with you for a while the dog is of course welcome with us until you are able to take care of the dog again.

Once a year we will hold a puppy meeting. On those meetings you as a puppy buyer will have the opportunity to meet the puppy’s siblings and other puppies from our breeding, and of course other puppy buyers. Puppy meetings will provide the opportunity to make contacts with other puppy buyers who might live near you and to share experiences.