Immermoed Ava – Heidi

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Born: 2010/05/02
Weight: 52 kg/115 lbs
Height: 62 cm/24,5 ”
Colour: Fawn Buckskin
Pedegree BI: [201100288]
Pedegree EBBASA: [EB20100398]
Pedegree SABT: [2010009643011]

BI TPI: 85,75 %, mentality test 91% (at 13 months of age).
SABT TPI: 78,3 %


HD: [A]
X Ray: [Hips]
ED: [0]
X-Ray: [Right] [Left]
PennHip: [0,41/0,42]
DJD: [Inga tecken]
Hyperplasia: [0]
Ectropion/Entropion: [0]
Eyes: [normal]
Heart: [normal]
Patella: [0]
Teeth: Complete pincerbite
Thyroid: [normal]
BIGS: [Genotype] [BIGS Certificate] [DNA Certificate]


Approved capability test blood tracking: [2011-06-11]
2nd price blood tracking: [2011-07-31]
1st certificate blood tracking: [2011-09-27]
2nd certificate blood tracking: [2011-10-04]
2nd price blood tracking: [2011-10-11]

About Heidi:

Heidi is a nice, social and happy female with a very stable mentality. She is responsive and works without any problems in our pack. Heidi is very intrested in blood tracking and follows track from both hoofed game and predators (e.g. bear). She is very eager during tracking wich can cause some sloppyness. She is not overly affected by cold or wet weather, very good apetite. Her guarding instinct is well developed and she does not leave the property even if not fenced in. During the summer 2013 Heidi was tested on a [bear dummy] and showed a lot of prey drive towards predators, fighting spirit and courage. She carefully placed herself between the handler and the bear dummy at all times, but was hard to call in as the dummy was moving.

Confirmation: Nice front, nice top line, correct tail.

Sensitive for warm weather.

Confirmation: Pincer bite, slightly too long in relation to her hight.