We are very careful about where our puppies end up. Our goal is to breed Boerboel that in exterior, but above all in mentality stick to the standard. It is therefore very important to us that the puppies new owners have dog experience of strong breeds. The Boerboel is not a breed that fits in urban environments or an apartment and all our Boerboel will therefore only be sold to those who live on a farm or in a country house, where the dog is able to live out his natural guarding instincts.

It is very important to evaluate the dog’s physical and mental health. Therefore, we want you to x-ray hips and elbows of your puppy and that you make an appraisal and MT associated with it. Both parts will have to be made no later than when the puppy has turned 2 years. This is important so that we can follow up on our breeding and all puppy owners receive a portion of the puppy price back if these tests have been carried out.

Since you already have experience with dogs you know that much responsibility comes with a dog. We want you to be aged 25 years and to live in orderly conditions. Before we sell a puppy to you, please come to visit us, dogs and puppies. No puppies are sold through mail/phone. We also want be able to make a home visit, something that we want be able to do both before and after the puppy moved in with you. We are not able to visit every puppy buyer but we want our puppy buyers to be aware of the fact that we might step by when being around.

We prefer to keep a puppy instead of sending it to a home that does not feel quite right. Before the puppies reach the age of 7 weeks, we usually reserve no puppies to any puppy buyers. To match the right puppy to the right puppy buyer in the best way we use [the Volhard test]. We want to ensure that the dog and you fit together. The puppies will then be able to move when they are between 8 – 10 weeks old, totally dependent on how far they have reached in their development.

We are feeding our dogs and even puppies with fresh food and BARF and encourage you to continue with this throughout the dog’s life to ensure that the dog is as healthy as possible, feels as good as possible and performs the best possible. If you have not fed any dog with fresh food or BARF before, we recommend a puppy diet for large breeds while your puppy is growing up unless you are very interested in finding out what a growing puppies of large breed needs if you want to make your own dog food.

Once a year we will hold a puppy meeting. You as a puppy buyer then has the opportunity to meet the puppy’s siblings and other puppies from our breeding, and of course other puppy buyers. Puppy meetings will provide the opportunity to make contacts with other puppy buyers who might live near you and to share experiences.