Nordbornas Dan

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Born: 2015/07/06
Weight:  65 kg
Height: 69 cm/27″
Colour: Fawn
Pedegree BI: [Pedigree]

BI TPI: 92,25%


HD: B  [Patient Dossier in PDF]
X-Ray: [Hips]
ED: 0    [ Patient Dossier in PDF]
X-Ray: [Right] [Left]
PennHip: [Pennhip Dan]
X-Ray: [Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3]
DJD: [No Signs]
EN/EC [0]

Eyecheck [Free]
Testicles: [Normal]
Patella: [0]
Teath: Complete Scissor Bite.
Boerboel International Genetical Screening: [BIGS]

About Dan:


Dan is very good with other dogs. He is low in rank and follows the owner well. He wants to be a good boy and is intelligent. He walks fine in leach with almost no training. He has very good guarding instincts and likes to bark but don´t bark too much. He is strong, has a lot of patience is calm and has an overall very good temperament. He likes to cuddle with his owners. He loves kids and puppys and goes well with most dogs.


Nordbornas G-Litter.