About Us

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We at Nordbornas are Sophie Freier and Mats Carlsson. The name Nordbornas is Swedish and translates as “of those who live in the north” and consists of the words “Nord” (in the particular form “norden” – the north, Scandinavia) and “Bor” (“to live” and “residents” as a noun). The suffix “na” is the particular form in the plural, and “s” means, that something comes from there, like the German “s” or the English “‘s”. The Scandinavian population during the period of the vikings called themselves for “Nordbor”. The prefix was originally registered in the Swedish SKK and we chose this name because we then lived outside of the Northern Swedish city [Umeå].

In 2010 our first Boerboel [Immermoed Ava – Heidi] moved in with us. Heidi comes from the kennel [Immermoed] from the Netherlands. Since we fancy both breeds very much we started a small kennel with both breeds. We live in the country side and like to be in the surrounding Woods and fields. We love animals, but especially dogs are our great intrest. Furthermore, we like shooting and hunting, are intrested in motor cykles and like to waste some moments in front of the computer. As most other people too, we like watching movies and listening to music.

Membership number Boerboel International: 5420