About the breed

The History of the Boerboel

The origin of the breed is uncertain, but it is believed that it originates in the arraival of the dutchman Jan van Riebeeck in Southafrica in the 18th century. With him van Riebeeck brought a Bullenbijter (an european mastiff which is extinct today). This dog was bred to southafrican dogs and other breeds witch had been brought by other immigrants. Today no one knows which breeds where used. Originally, these dogs were used as guardians for homes and livestock and were also used for hunting.

Only the hardest and toughest Boerboel were used for breeding. This because they had to be able to protect themselves, their owners and their property against predators such as hyenas, leopards, baboons, etc. but also against uninvited twolegged guests.

In the 1980s the Boerboel Breeders assosciation was founded to protect the standard. With that the future of the breed was found secured. The Boerboel is a popular breed today and has been exported around the world. Even if the dogs till are used for guarding livestock, today the Boerboel ist mainly used as a familydog and for protection purposes.

Temperament and characteristics

The Boerboel has evolved into a loving comrat with an even temperament. It is lojal, strong and very protective.

Dog agression is unwanted within the breed since Boerboel often are requred to work in packs of several dogs. Since the Boerboel mainly is a guarding dog for protecting the owner, his family and property the dog will be content Always being at home as long as it has an area to guard. The breed adapts easily and if it isn’t living on a farm or in a house on a large property to guard it will be able to handle this. However, in those cases the dog requires other forms of stimulaton such as work outs, daily walks and mental excercises. The breed is not likely to escape fenced in areas and does not bark a lot if not guarding. The breed is bred to stay around the house and act calm.

The Boerboel is a large breed with well developed muscles over the entire body and has a flowing movment – overall an impressive and stron breed. The breed is rather easygoing, but demands quite a lot of attention and love from it’s owner.

Obedience training is strongly recommended since this breed is powerful and stubborn. Since the guarding- and protection instincts are very well developed within the breed, socialisation is a very important exercise if the dog is meant to work as a modern family dog. A Boerboel that isn’t stimulated fysically and mentally and isn’t allowed to guard an are or livestock will come up with own things to do and will often become a concern for the owner. Owners of the breed often testify about the dog being extremly sensitive for the owners mood and will adapt accordingly.

Due to the need to socialise, educate and train a Boerboel intensively the breed is not recommended for first time owners. If the very pronounced guarding instinct and strength isn’t controlled it could flip into agression.