The Boerboel is a breed that can be very stubborn, but at the same time can be very soft towards it’s owner. These traits make the Boerboel to a breed that may be hard to raise. Therefore this breed is not ideal for first time owners. The stubborness, due to the breeds history, can be positive or negative depending on how you use this quality. A very consistent and sometimes strict hand is required, but one must never forget that this breed at the same time loves humans very much and it is therefore sensible. If the dog is looking for contact after a correction, you should not send it away. Especially the breed’s very pronounced guarding instinct requires a lot of training and education from day one – a Boerboel that hasn’t been raised properly or not at all is a dog one wouldn’t want in their home.

We do recommend to use clicker-training when training the dog and even for raising the puppy to some extend. However, not all Boerboel can be raised by using nothing but positive reinforcement. You should Always start that way, but do not hesitate to use a firm grip in the neck, a pinch in the ear or a strict voice. It is very important to keept the puppy’s differend [stages of mental development] when raising it in order to succeed the best. Do not forget that Boerboel such as other large breed develop slower mentally compared to smaller breeds.

A large part of a Boerboels education should be about seeking contact with the owner. You do not have to seek for expert level obedience in your Boerboel (even though it is fully possible to achieve), but it is sufficient if your dog knows it’s basics. However, those he needs to know without compromise.