Nordbornas Freja is FCI x-rayed. Her result was HD B and ED 0.


Kennel Nordbornas Hosted BI:s Appraisal in Sweden. It was very fine weather and we had a good time. Pictures from our Facebook page from the event.


Kennel Nordbornas hosted BI:s Appraisal in Sweden this year. It was quite much visitors and very fine dogs were showed. Our 22 month old stud [Nordbornas Dan] got a TPI of 92,25% and our male pups of 12 weeks took 1st and 3rd place and in the female puppy class our females was 2nd and 3rd.


Kennel Nordbornas has 2 newly born litters.

F-Litter: Bavana´s Pride Kira x Big Boy Tiger (Germany).

G-Litter:  Immer Moed Ava ”Heidi” x Nordbornas Dan.

If you are interested you can email us at kontakt(at) We do not take calls right now before the pups are bigger. If you wanna talk with us on the phone leave your number and we will call you up when we have time.


Nordbornas Dan was today tested for EN/EC + Eyecheck. He also had his Patella and his testicular status checked. Everything was in perfect order.


Nordbornas Dans [page] has been updated with  hips, elbows and PennHip photos. Plus a PDF file of the Patient Dossier signed by the veterinary in Holland that evaluated the x-ray pictures. Dan has a fantastic 2,22/0,24 in PennHip which is among the 5% best in the world among the tested Boerboels. He has HD B and ED 0. His BIGS is also done and up on his page.


We still have 4 pups for sale from our E litter to the right home.  Parents Bavana´s Pride Hexia x Bavana´s Pride Kasper. They are now 16 weeks old. It is four females.


We have one confermed pregnacy now. It is Bavana´s Pride Hexia that we have bred with Bavana´s Pride Kasper. That was our combination for our B Litter that was very sucessful. The pups will be born around the 24 th of July.

We havs also bred Bavana´s Pride Kira to Teglborg Oscar two weeks after and in a week or two it will show if she is pregnant or not.


We have bred two bitches and expect pups in the middle of july and the beginning of august.


Bavana´s Pride Hexia is now bred with Bavana´s Pride Kasper. It is the same combination as the [B Litter] that we has done one more time. That combination gave very healthy, atlethic and agile dogs with much guarding instinct and a Boerboel typic temperament.We expect puppies in the end o april.


Bavana´s Pride Heixas page is now updated with the documents from her BIGS test. She is the next female we are going to breed. We are right now for a male that will be a fine combination with her. And next heat which probably is in a couple of months we will breed her.

Boerboel International Genetical Screening [BIGS) [Genotype] [DNA Parenting].


Our female Bavana´s Pride Kira has had 13 puppies with Makhulu Odin. Pictures of Makhulu Odin from Facebook. You must be a member of FB and logged in to be able to see them. Makhulu Odin (Mighty Bismark – Mighty Lula) is a very calm male with a breed specific temperament. Odin livs in Norway at Kennel Boergarden. Odin has a TPI of 91% in BI and was Best In Show in SABBS appraisal in Norway this year with 90.7%. He is a healthy male with HD A and ED 0. He is En/Ec clear and BIGS tested.


Immermoed Ava “Heidi” has given birth to 5 males and 4 females.

With this mating we will repeat the combination from our A-Litter. This litter, even though we only got two males, became everything we hoped for an a little more. These two boys fit nicely in their new families, are responsive, learn easily and are very affectionate. As we are planning on keeping a female from this litter, no females will be booked untill we have made our choice. We will chose the female that stays with us when the pups are between 6 – 8 weeks old.


Back from Bremen Germany and the Boerboel International appraisal. BP Kasper got a new TPI of 90.5% and a 97/100 on the temperament test. He was number 3 in concurrence with 14 very good dogs in the TPI male group.

In total it was around 40 dogs at the appraisal.

Kaspers Page is now updated with his new and higher TPI.


We have now puublished the BIGS results for [Immermoed Ava] “Heidi” and [BP Kira].


We have now published our breeding plans for 2015 under [Planned litters].


We have one female left from the B-Litter for sale.


The B-Litter is now  is now 17 days. They were born 2014-08-23 and are ready to move to their new homes from 2014-10-18.

The litter has 5 females and 7 males. Two females are already sold


No we have [Bavana´s Pride Hexia] here and she is soon in heat. She will be bred to our male [Bavana´s Pride Kasper].


[Immermoed Ava] “Heidi” gave birth to two wonderful and strong boys today. The father is our male [Bavana´s Pride Kasper].


Pups is expected any day now from our dogs [Immermoed Ava] “Heidi” and [Bavana´s Pride Kasper].


In June [Bavana’s Pride Hexia] will move in with us. Furthermore the HD, ED and PennHip results for [Bavana’s Pride Kasper] and [Bavana’s Pride Kira] are online now. The health documents will be online as soon as we have them in the mail.


[Bavana’s Pride Kasper] has been found to be free from psykomotor epilepsy by DNA testing.


[Bavana’s Pride Kasper] was today tested free from Entropion/Ectropion. His testicles were found to be developed normally and no signs of heart disease could be found by listening and ultrasound.


[Bavana’s Pride Kira] is free from vaginal hyperplasia.


Unfortunatly [Immermoed Ava – Heidi] is not pregnant.


[Immermoed Ava – Heidi] will be mated again with Makosi Rufus during next week. More informarion [here]. Since Heidi resorbed her litter this spring we had her thyroid checked and evrything was normal. Furthermore Bavanas Pride Hexia has not moved in with us. Instead [Bavana’s Pride Kira]‘s brother [Bavans Pride Kasper] lives with us since june 2013.


Unfortunatly, Heidi resorped her litter after approx. halv the pregnancy. We are planning to remate her in the end of august. For more information please check our [Planned Litters] page.


We are expecting a litter in the end of april. For more information, please check our [Planned Litters] page.


[Immermoed Ava – Heidi] was mated between the 25th and 29th february. The male will be published as soon as her pregnancy has been confirmed. Furthermore a female pup from [Bavana’s Pride] and Bavana’s Pride Hexia will join our pack within short.


At todays ultra sonic examination [Immermoed Ava – Heidi] was found not to be pregnant. She will be mated again when she is in heat the next time in winter. The male will be published on this web site as soon as we have chosen one.


We are expecting puppies in the beginning of september. More information [here].


[Immermoed Ava – Heidi’s gallery] is now updated with new pics.


We are planning a mating in the end of may/beginning of june 2012. For more information, please check our [Planned Litters] page.


The final health results for [Immermoed Ava – Heidi] are now online. She passed all examinations with best results.


New health results for [Immermoed Ava – Heidi] are online.


Today [Immermoed Ava – Heidi’s] eyes, eyelids and her heart were tested. No anormalities were discovered.


[Immermoed Ava – Heidi] got a second price today. It was raining lightly during the test and Heidi was not concentrated. A pile of garbage some 20 meters from the trail was so distracting that she needed help to get back on the trail. The trail went through dense woodland, a cutover and finished off in light woodland. Even a creek had to be crossed.


[Immermoed Ava – Heidi] got her second blood tracking certificate today. It was sunny after heavy raining  morning. The ground was already very wet since earlier and the trail went over varied terrain – dense woodland and light woodland with moss covered ground. The trail ended on a cutover close to a creek. During the night several moose had crossed the cutover.


[Immermoed Ava – Heidi] got her first blood tracking certificate today. The weather was sunny after serveral days of heavy rainfalls and an extremly hard wind was blowing. The trail went partly over a cutover with areas of deep stagnant water, the rest of the trail went through woodland.


[Immermoed Ava – Heidi’s gallery] is now online.